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Privacy and Cookies Policy

Privacy and Cookies Policy

1. In connection with the use of the Website we may use your personal data specified by you, especially of people logged in our Website as well as other information making it impossible to identify you which are stored in, for example, cookies. We respect your right to privacy and therefore we use best efforts to carry out the processing of personal data in conformity with the provisions of law applicable in Poland and the European Union, especially the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), the so-called GDPR [Polish: RODO] and the Personal Data Protection Act.

2. Our Privacy Policy provides information on how we process your data, especially (not limited to): 

- Who is the administrator of your personal data; 
- Where we get your data from; 
- How to obtain more information from us regarding the processing of your personal data; 
- What is the aim and grounds for processing data;
What data we process; How long we process the data; 
- What rights you have as a subject of the personal data; 
- Who we share the personal data with. 

3. The Administrator of your personal data is Privacy and Cookies Policy located at: ul. Kosynierska 18/8, 60-241 Poznań, NIP 7792509986

4. We have received your data when you set up an account on the Website, subscribed for the newsletter but also in connection with purchases made by you on our Website.
5. Personal data obtained on the Website will be used for the following purposes: 

5.1. To allow registering on the Website and using it subject to rules specified in the regulations of the Website, including to 

a. make it possible to provide services via the Internet and fully use the Website, including to do some shopping, to deliver goods ordered by you, and carry out payments; 
b. set up an account and manage it, to ensure it is serviced and potential problems are solved;  
c. handle complaints regarding the products of delivery if you submit a claim via the Website; 
d. manage reports sent to us by the Customers (e.g. via the contact form); 
e. contact you for the purposes related to provision of services; (legal grounds: Article 6, section 1 b) of GDPR - we will refer to the grounds as “execution of the Contract”);

5. 2. Carry out our legal obligations. We will use the data needed for carrying out legal duties: 

a. for the time the provisions of law oblige us to store the data (legal grounds: Article 6, section 1 c) of GDPR; these grounds will be referred to as “the legal obligation”); 
b. for the time of carrying out these obligations (legal grounds: the legal obligation); or  
c. for the time we can suffer the legal consequences of failing to carry out the obligations, e.g. receive financial penalty from the governmental authorities (legal grounds: Article 6, section 1 f) of GDPR; these grounds will be referred to as “legally justified interest of the administrator”);

5.3.     In order to set, protect, and claim compensation, including between us and the entities we cooperate with - for the time after which the claim falls under the statute of limitations (legal grounds: legally justified interest of the administrator);

5.4.     Detecting and fighting abuse in using the Website and ensuring safety of the Website - for the time of using the Website and later for the period after which the claims resulting from such usage fall under the statute of limitations and in case of us claiming compensation or notifying appropriate authorities - for the time of such proceedings, i.e. from 3 to even 10 years (legal grounds: legally justified interest of the administrator);

5.5.     Direct marketing - by the time you object (legal grounds: legally justified interest of the administrator);

5.6.     Support of the Website service, including by informing about the failures, gathering information about your rating of the Website, adjusting service on the basis of, among others, data on the current way of using the Website or on our offer you use - for the time of using the Website (legal grounds: legally justified interest of the administrator);

5.7.     Creating juxtapositions, analyses, and statistics for our internal needs; this includes, in particular, reporting, marketing research, planning of developing services or networks, developmental works of IT systems, creating statistical models (e.g. regarding the efficiency of acquiring customers) - for the period for which we store your data for other purposes presented in the information (legal grounds: legally justified interest of the administrator);  

6. Data we process:

- basic data which we received from you during the registration process or while placing an order; 
- additional data: your IP, information on sources/links from which you entered our website

7. We store your personal data: 

7.1. throughout the entire term of the concluded contract, as well as after it expires for the following reasons: 

a. claiming compensation in relation to carrying out the contract, 
b. executing duties resulting from the provisions of law, including, in particular tax and accounting regulations, 
c. preventing abuses and frauds, 
d. statistical and archiving.

7.2. for marketing purposes for the term of the contract or by the moment you object to such processing, whichever is earlier;

7.3. in order to ensure accountability, i.e. proving obeying the provisions regarding personal data processing we will store the data for a period of one year; the Website is obliged to store the data of documents containing such data in order to prove meeting the legal requirements and making the control carried out by authorities possible. 

8. We share your personal data with:

8.1.      Entities processing data on our behalf, taking part in executing our activities: 

a. entities mediating in the sale of our services or organising marketing campaigns, 
b. servicing our ICT systems or providing us with ICT tools, 
c. sub-contractors supporting us, for example, in providing services for you, 
d. entities providing us with advisory, consultative, and audit services, as well as legal, tax, and accounting help;  

Our subcontractors will process the data only for the above-mentioned purposes. Transferring data to those entities may take place at the moment of providing the data by you during the registration process but also later within the period we store your personal data regarding the use of the Website. 

8.2.      Other data administrators processing data on their own behalf: 

a. entities running postal or courier business activity; 
b. entities cooperating with us in the scope of servicing accounting, tax, and legal issues - in the scope they become the administrators of data.   

9. We respect all of your rights resulting from the General Data Protection Regulation; therefore, you may submit a motion for: 

- correction (rectification) of data; 
- deleting data wrongfully processed or published on our social media; 
- limiting processing (suspending operation on data or not deleting data – according to the submitted motion); 
- access to data (regarding the information on data processed by us and on copying the data); 
- transferring data to a different data administrator or to you (within the scope specified in Article 20 of GDPR). 

10. You can exercise these rights by sending a motion to our address provided in the “How to obtain more information from us regarding the processing of your personal data?” part.
To be sure you have right to submit a motion we may ask you to provide additional information allowing us to authenticate you.
The scope of each of these rights and situations you can exercise them results from the provisions of law. The right you can exercise depends, for example, on the legal grounds of using the data provided by you and on the purpose of their processing by us.  

11. Regardless of the above-mentioned rights you may at any time submit an objection against processing of your data (including profiling) for the purpose of direct marketing. Having accepted the motion regarding this issue we are obliged to stop processing data for this purpose. Moreover, in special situations you can, at any time, object to processing your personal data by us (including profiling) in case the grounds for using data were legally justified interest of the administrator or public interest.  In such situation, having examined the motion, we will not be able to process the data covered by the objection on these grounds, unless we present that there are: 1. significant legally justified grounds for processing data which, in accordance to law, are superior to your interests, law, and freedom, or 2. ground for setting, pursuing, and defending claims. 

12. In case the usage of your personal data by us is not necessary to execute the contract, fulfil the legal duty, or does not constitute legally justified interest of the administrator, we may ask you for your consent for certain ways of using your personal data. Such consent may allow us, for example, to share the data with other entities for the purpose of other promotional campaign.You can withdraw the consent granted to us at any time (however, it will not affect the conformity with law of the use of your personal data before withdrawing such consent). 

13. In case you decide that processing your personal data violates the provisions of law, you may submit a complaint to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office (address: Urząd Ochrony Danych Osobowych, ul. Stawki 2, 00-913 Warszawa).  



1. As part of the Website we use cookies which may not be connected with your personal data. 

If you would like to know more about what cookies are and how to decide about sharing via settings of your browser, please visit the following website:

Cookies may include information about which parts of the Website or other websites you used in the past. 

2. Due to the life cycle of cookies and other similar technologies, we use two main types of cookies:

- session - temporary files stored on your Device by the time you log out, leave the website or exit the software (web browser); 
- persistent - stored on your end Device for the entire time specified in the parameters of cookies or by the time you delete them.

Due to the purpose of cookies and other similar technologies: 

- they are necessary for our services and applications to work; 
- they make it possible to use our services, for example, authentication cookies are used by services which require authentication; 
- allow us to provide security, for example, they are used to detect abuses in the scope of authentication; 
- they allow us to collect information on the way the Website is used; 
- they allow “saving” settings selected by you and personalising interface, for example, in the scope of selected language or region you come from, and what was put into the basket, etc.; 
- they allow providing you advertising adjusted to your interest;
- used for statistics regarding the websites and applications.

3. Logging out of the Website makes it impossible to access your account at the Website without logging in again; however, despite logging out, we can still recognise you as our Customer (e.g. by the Device you use or cookies sent by those Devices).  

4. When using the Website cookies from different entities (so-called external cookies) may be placed on your Device, especially from providers of such websites as Facebook and Google so that you could use the functionalities of our Website and integration with these websites.Each provider defines the rules of using cookies in their privacy policy.

5. Some pages on our Website may use codes (e.g. JavaScript) from the entities we cooperate with (Facebook, Google) which allow these companies to place their cookies in your web browser in order to adjust advertisements presented on different websites to your preferences. 

6. External cookies may be also located by entities such as Google Inc. and Facebook in order to collect anonymous information on the usage of the Website for the statistical purposes and to improve the operating of the Website.In case of Google Analytics information on the way Google uses data from websites and applications which use their services are available at the following website:

7. By visiting the settings of your Device you may give consent to store and access cookies (by accepting cookies) or cancel such consent (by blocking cookies).

At any time you can delete the stored cookies using options in the web browser or in the operational system of your Device.

Please be informed that by deleting, blocking or limiting cookies you may experience some obstacles in using the Website or even not be able to use some of the Website’s options. 

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